In this week’s episode of Beyond the Headlines, we will be discussing the future of the Gardiner Expressway. What to do with this major piece of aging Toronto infrastructure has been a topic of contentious debate among Torontonians for decades. The Gardiner is currently undergoing an Environmental Assessment conducted by the City of Toronto in conjunction with Waterfront Toronto. A recommendation will come from the assessment later this year to be presented for approval to Toronto City Council. We sat down with Chris Glaisek, VP of Waterfront Toronto, and Fiona Chapman, Acting Director of Waterfront Secretariat at the City of Toronto, to discuss the environmental assessment and the options currently on the table. We also had the opportunity to sit down with University of Toronto civil engineering professor and transit expert Eric Miller. Alongside Prof. Miller was author and transportation consultant Edward Levy to discuss the transportation challenges facing the city and evaluate the current options for the Gardiner.

Show producer: Jonathan Magill
Host: Matthew Thompson
Chase Producer: Daphne Cheung
Technical Producer: Jason Apostolopoulos
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