Young, Canadian and Muslim: Making our Ballots Count!

A Federal Election Debate on Multiculturalism and the Muslim Community

On October 19th, 2015, Canadians across the country will take to the polls to vote 338 representatives into federal office. Canadian Muslims, members of a growing and diverse group in this country, will be doing so as well. However, despite the fact that Muslim communities have existed in Canada for many years now, a number of young Canadian Muslims report an increasing sense of alienation and dissatisfaction with the system.

We believe it is important that these youth voices and votes are counted during the election. In recognition of the need to highlight these voices, ‘Young, Canadian and Muslim: Making Our Ballots Count!’ was created by a concerned group of young people.

As part of this project, consultations were held in Mississauga with representatives of several youth organizations from across the GTA. During these consultations, participants came to the conclusion that they would like to receive clear answers from federal politicians through the medium of a federal election debate.

What will be debated?

The Issues
1. Job opportunities for young people
2. Canada’s growing income inequality
3. Restrictions upon Canadian civil liberties
4. Recent changes to Immigration and Citizenship legislation
5. The intensification of Islamophobia in Canadian federal politics and political culture

Who will be debating?

Hon. Jason Kenney Conservative Minister of Multiculturalism (invited)
Hon. John McCallum, Liberal Critic for Multiculturalism (confirmed)
Andrew Cash, NDP Critic for Multiculturalism (confirmed)
Linh Nguyen, Green Critic for Citizenship (confirmed)

Desmond Cole (confirmed)
Naheed Mustafa (confirmed)

Aga Khan Museum

September 18, 2015

6:30PM – 9:30PM

RSVP here

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