Election 42: Postmortem Panel Discussion

Most pundits, pollsters, and political junkies agree: 19 October’s federal election is perhaps one of the most exciting electoral contests that Canada’s ever seen. Can Stephen Harper and the Conservative Party maintain control of the House of Commons after nearly a decade in power? Will Thomas Mulcair and his New Democrats make Canadian history and form government for the first time? Can Justin Trudeau’s Liberal Party shake-off 2006’s defeat and once again emerge as Canada’s ‘natural governing party’?

If polls are to be believed, any of Canada’s three major political parties has a legitimate shot at forming government on 19 October and we invite you to join us once the dust has settled to assess and reflect on the election result, whatever it may be, and discuss the many facets of the election campaign itself: including media coverage, voter turnout, the accuracy of the polls, and the prospects for policy change. Our panel features representatives from across Canada’s political landscape, spanning the worlds of journalism, grassroots voter engagement, polling, and the academy. Taken together, our panel is sure to provide an insightful and lively discussion on 19 October’s electoral result and its implications on Canada’s public policy.

Show guests

Donna Dasko, former Senior Vice President, Environics Research Group

Elizabeth Dubois, Executive Director, Vote Savvy

Ed Greenspon, Managing Editor, Bloomsberg News

Carolyn Tuohy, Professor Emeritus and Senior Fellow, School of Public Policy and Governance, University of Toronto

Mel Cappe (Moderator), Professor, School of Public Policy and Governance, University of Toronto

Music Credits

The Dead Projectionists, All This Time

Show Credits

Dalia Hashim, Show Host

Celine Caira & Kelley Predergast, Technical Producers

Emily Rasmussen, Executive Producer

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