The Good Herb: A Conversation on the Implications of Marijuana Legalization and Legalization Models

Mary Jane, dope, pot, weed, THC, cannabis – what’s in a name? The discussion on marijuana legalization policies reaches an all-time high (pardon the pun) as our new government pledges to “legalize, regulate, and restrict access to marijuana,” delivered by Gov. Gen. David Johnston in a throne speech on December 4, 2015. But what are the implications of this mandate? We bring you a panel of experts to discuss the issues surrounding marijuana legalization, potential benefits and harms, and various legalization models. Join us as we breakdown this complex, often misrepresented issue and shed light on what this all means for Canada.


Dr. Jürgen Rehm is the Director of Social and Epidemiological Research at the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health in Toronto. Well-versed in addiction policy and epidemiology, his vast array of academic contributions and publications aim to inform policymakers of ways to reduce harms in areas of tobacco, alcohol, and illegal drugs.

CAMH Policy Framework

Paul Lewin is the Ontario regional director for NORML Canada and a Toronto lawyer focusing on cannabis issues. NORML Canada is the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws in Canada. It is a non-profit group that seeks to end criminal prohibition on cannabis use and cannabis growing through government lobbying, public education, and member mobilization.

Jenna Valleriani is a PhD Candidate in Sociology and the Collaborative Program in Addiction Studies at the University of Toronto. She has written a number of articles (links below) on the topic of marijuana drug policies and is working on her dissertation that focuses on the new federal Marihuana for Medical Purposes Regulations (MMPR) in Canada, studying social movements, entrepreneurships and the emergence of new industries.

Show Credits

James Ban, Host
Richard Tang, Show Producer
Ali Nasser-Virji, Chase Producer
Rajesh Sankat & Dalia Hashim,Technical Producers
Emily Rasmussen ,Executive Producer

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Coastal Lines by Paradise Animals

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