Barriers to Birth Control Access

Effective contraception methods are underutilized in Canada, as women face barriers when accessing reproductive health care. In this episode, we explore how this poses the problem that in an advanced nation such as Canada, women are still facing difficulties obtaining and using contraceptives. We discuss how financial, geographic, cultural and education barriers are preventing women from accessing adequate sexual and reproductive health information and services. Finally, we also explore potential policy solutions crucial to eliminating barriers to birth control access.

Dr. Rosana Salvaterra is an adjunct professor at the Dalla Lana School of Public Health as well as an adjunct assistant professor at Queen’s University. She is the Medical Officer of Health at the Peterborough County-City Health Unit. Here, she serves as the medical director of the sexual health clinic, providing contraceptives, sexually transmitted infection diagnosis and treatment, and HIV testing. Her policy interests include public health policy, health equity and women’s health.

Frédérique (Fred) Chabot is a Health Information Officer at Action Canada for Sexual Health and Rights. She is responsible for the development of information products and resources, including public awareness tools. In her role as a Health Information Officer, she identifies areas for further research, policy development, and engagement opportunities in the domestic context. She also acts as a liaison with local, national, and grassroots organizations in Canada. Through her work, she has made a contribution to resource development, policy engagement, political advocacy, as well as public education.

Dr. Erika Feuerstein received her medical degree from the University of Toronto, where she is now a lecturer. Until recently she was the medical director of the Bay Centre for Birth Control and Special Treatment Clinic, a sexual and reproductive health clinic at Women’s College Hospital. She is passionate about women’s health and is presently working as a physician at the Bay Centre and several other clinics in the city of Toronto.

Show Credits

Fiona Downey, Host
Samira Basir, Show Producer
Haris Khan, Chase Producer
Luke Adams & Janet Tsang,Technical Producers
Nirmalan Vijeyakumar,Executive Producer

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A Better Deal by Merival
Big Boy by Charlotte Cardin

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Flickr/CC BY 4.0


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