In this week’s Beyond the Headlines episode we explore the current state of the Canadian-Sino relationship. We sat down with the authors of a new book, Moving Forward: Issues in Canada-China Relations, to discuss salient issues in the Canada-China relationship as well as a prospective blueprint for deepening ties in the twenty-first century. Since Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau first established Ottawa’s foreign policy towards China in the 1970s, China has undergone rapid economic development to become one of the key engines of global growth. However, Canada has been largely unable or unwilling to truly engage China, and diplomatic relations have been subject to ebbs and flows. China is the world’s second largest economy and most populous nation, and Canada must learn to effectively engage with a global China. In the first half of this episode, we discuss the role of civil society in building strong and lasting people-to-people relations between the two countries. In the second half of this episode, we discuss the challenges of improving trade and economic development, particularly as it relates to Canada’s energy sector. Ultimately, the scholarship contained within Moving Forward: Issues in Canada-China Relations advocates that what is needed is a “whole of country” approach to Canada-China relations.


James Flynn, Undergraduate Student and Rhodes Scholar, Political Science and Economics, University of Toronto
Anton Malkin, PhD Candidate, Balsillie School of International Affairs
Scott McKnight, PhD Student, Political Science, University of Toronto
Karl Yan, PhD Student, Political Science, University of Toronto

Emily Rasmussen, Host
Nirmalan Vijeyakumar & Emilie De Monte, Technical Producer
Emily Rasmussen & Nirmalan Vijeyakumar, Executive Producers

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