“Talking Trash” – The City of Toronto’s Long-Term Waste Strategy

We all remember the garbage strike that took place in Toronto a few summers ago amidst the sweltering city heat. It is no secret that as Toronto grows as a business and development hub, so does its waste. As new condo developments appear to spring up daily, compost and recycling are being thrown into the garbage en masse, shielded by a wall of anonymity provided by the condominium garbage chute. Despite exhausting options like diverting garbage to landfills in the US and establishing compost, garbage, and recycling processing plants sprinkled across Ontario, the City of Toronto could face a solid waste crisis in the next 20 years. In 2013, Toronto City Council recognized the need for an updated comprehensive long term waste management plan and commissioned the development of a Long Term Waste Management Strategy to be finalized in June 2016. The Strategy is being developed in consultation with a variety of stakeholders and experts to develop a modern approach to meet the garbage needs of Toronto’s growing metropolis. However, no matter how progressive and thorough the Strategy may be, it may only mitigate so much; larger change may have to come from the supply side requiring the private sector to redesign how they package, market, and ship goods, and this must be accompanied by a fundamental shift in consumption patterns and behavior at home.


Jim McKay is currently the General Manager of the City of Toronto’s Solid Waste Management Services Division.  Jim is a recent addition to the City coming from the consulting industry where he has a long history of working with municipalities across Canada and the United States on some of North America’s largest and most innovative Solid Waste projects and programs.

Annette Synowiec is the Acting Director of Policy Planning & Support, in Solid Waste Management Services at the City of Toronto. She has been working in the Solid Waste Management industry for over 13 years and is currently developing the City’s Long Term Waste Management Strategy.

Gord Perks has been the elected representative for Ward 14: Parkdale-High Park for 10 years. Gord has an impressive record of environmental initiatives that began in 1987, with such environmental organizations as Pollution Probe, Greenpeace Canada, and the Toronto Environmental Alliance. Gord’s emphasis has been on waste reduction and public transit. He was previously an Environment columnist for Eye Weekly Magazine as well as an Adjunct Professor with the University of Toronto’s Environmental Studies Department.

Celine Caira , Host & Show Producer
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Nirmalan Vijeyakumar, Chase Producer & Executive Producer

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