Climate Change is an issue that affects everything and everyone in Canada and around the globe, with massive implications for inaction. Today we will talking about what role Canada can play in the fight against climate change, both at home and abroad, including the steps currently being taken the federal and provincial governments’, and possible steps that could be taken in the future.


Dr. Douglas Macdonald is a senior lecturer and Associate member of the graduate faculty at the University of Toronto School of the Environment. He holds a doctoral degree in Environmental Studies from York University and is the author of two books that deal with climate change, the first being The Politics of Pollution: Why Canadians are Failing their Environment and the second being Business and Environmental Politics in Canada. He is also a member of the Canadian Political Science Association and a founding member of the Environmental Studies Association of Canada.

Alex Speers-Roesch is a long time climate activist with a background in science and he currently works for Greenpeace Canada on their arctic campaign.

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