Over 200,000 Canadians experience homelessness every year. Thousands more live in precarious housing. Research shows that the most vulnerable people can maintain housing with the appropriate supports – which is the basis of the Housing First approach central to new housing policies across the country.

However, Canada is facing an affordable housing crisis. How can cities with a lack of available housing implement Housing First? This two-part show evaluates policies addressing homelessness, affordable housing and how Housing First strategies can work in Canadian cities.


David Hulchanski is a professor of housing and community development at the University of Toronto. Professor Hulchanski has held the Faculty of Social Work’s chair in Housing since 1997 and has served as the director for the Center of Urban and Community Studies from 2000 to 2008. His research and teaching focuses on housing needs, homelessness, neighbourhoods, community development, and social and economic rights.

Sean Gadon is currently the Director of the Affordable Housing Office with the City of Toronto. He is recognized as a leader in urban and housing affairs in Canada, having over 30 years of experience working with issues relating to affordable housing. Previously, Mr. Gadon served as the President of Raising the Roof, an organization that collaborates with stakeholders and invests in local communities to provide long term solutions to homelessness in Canada. He has also acted as a senior advisor to three Toronto Mayors and the Executive Assistant to two Ontario Housing ministers.

Alyssa Wali , Host
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Samira Basir & Luke Adams, Technical Producers
Nirmalan Vijeyakumar, Executive Producer

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