Police Accountability in the GTA – Part 2

As the Toronto Police Services’ (TPS) budget increases, internal reforms to combat the organization’s disciplinary system and every-day operations have lagged.  Reports and internal reviews have also not enacted visible changes. Beyond the Headlines takes a look at this issue in a two part series.  This second episode features reporter Jesse McLean from Toronto Star’s investigative team and  Toronto-Centre Rosedale councillor Kristyn Wong-Tam.

Toronto Star investigative reporter Jesse McLean has been named Canada’s best young journalist and winner of the 21st annual Edward Goff Penny Memorial award and one National Newspaper Award with the Star.

Councillor Kristyn Wong-Tam has an extensive career investing in the City of Toronto through both the public and private sectors. Her contributions have led to the development and support of numerous social planning programs, business ventures, art endeavours and successful community initiatives. She continues to be a champion for sustainable living and environmental health and plays a vital role in ensuring the vibrancy for the city of Toronto and its economic and social development.

Mohamad Yaghi, Host & Producer
Abdi Hersi, Guest Host
Celine Caira, Chase Producer 
Samira Basir & Rajesh Sankat
, Technical Producers
Nirmalan Vijeykumar, Executive Producer

Music Credits
She’s Really All I Need by Mac DeMarco

Flickr/CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

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