Food Security

Food insecurity is a growing issue amongst communities, leaving many Canadians without access to nutritious, affordable, sufficient, and culturally acceptable food. Food insecurity is often linked to poverty, unemployment, education, hunger, as well as environmental pollution. In response, a strategic approach to food is needed to address these issues and an understanding of how the Municipal Government plays a key role in this.

Barbara Emanuel is the manager of the Toronto Food Strategy, Toronto Public Health. In 2008, the Board of Health approved the development of a Toronto Food Strategy to pursue and enhance the City of Toronto’s leadership towards a healthier and more sustainable food system, based on a food systems perspective.

Lori Stahlbran is a lecturer in food studies at New College, University of Toronto and teach new one program.She is also the food equity coordinator at New College. She has also been awarded the prize for best PhD paper at the Second International Conference on “Agriculture in an Urbanizing Society: Reconnecting Agriculture and Food Chains to Societal Needs”.

Marzena Gersho is the Communications and National Program Director at Food Banks Canada. Food Banks Canada is a national charitable organization dedicated to helping Canadians living with food insecurity by raising funds, supporting foodbanks, and influencing policy through research, awareness raising, and advocacy.

Tayyaba Mohsin & Leanna Mora, Hosts
Luke Adams, Producer
Haris Khan & Steven Lamothe, Technical Producers
Samira Basir, Executive Producer

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Treat You Better by Shawn Mendes
Haven’t Met You Yet by Michael Bublé
Suga Mama Instrumental by Fifth Harmony

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