BTH Insight Series Ep. 1: City Hall Reform & Health Innovation

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This week’s show is the first episode of the Insight Series, a new BTH series where we discuss seveal different policy areas within the hour.

1) Health Innovation Follow-up:

In the first episode of the season, BTH examined how innovation can help to improve supply management of hospitals and Canada’s health system. Medical error is now the third leading cause of death in North America behind heart disease and cancer. To help us understand how we can improve Canada’s health system, BTH brought in several high-profile guests including Academic Chair of the World Health Innovation Network Dr. Anne Snowdon, former Deputy Minister of Health and Wellness for the Government of Nova Scotia Dr. Peter Vaughan and Rise Asset Development Executive Director Ms. Jodi Butts.

“Working as a small company, an innovative company in the healthcare system, something we have had to embrace is the fact that it’s very slow moving.” – MedChart CEO James Bateman

In a follow-up from that episode, BTH examined health innovation from a start-up’s perspective by interviewing MedChart CEO James Bateman [Interview at 1:46].

“…We see bringing [MedChart’s services and technology] to the government as a valid model for health systems information exchange and getting it implemented within the actual system so that it is free to patients.” – MedChart CEO James Bateman


2) City Hall Reform:

Dr. Gabriel Eidelman is Assistant Professor and Associate Director at the School of Public Policy and Governance, where he teaches courses on urban policy, governance and institutions, and the policy process. is research focuses on cities and urban governance in North America, particularly the politics of land and property development. Gabriel’s work has been published in Cities, Urban Affairs Review, the Journal of Urban Affairs, the Canadian Journal of Political Science, and Politics & Policy.

“Every city in many ways is unique, including the political structures and the rules in place.” – Dr. Gabriel Eidelman, SPPG Associate Director and City Hall Task Force Convenor

Dr. Eidelman recently convened the University of Toronto City Hall Task Force, in which the  School of Public Policy & Governance assembled a group of current and former politicians, public services, academics, journalists and civic leaders, to provide recommendations to improve Toronto City Council’s core decision-making processes and procedures.  [Interview at 22:41].

Click here to view the released report. 


Ian T.D. Thomson, Host, Technical Producer and Executive Producer
Leanna Mora, Technical Producer

Music Credits
Not Dead by Fine Times
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As Much As I Ever Could by City & Colour
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