Thriving Beyond GDP: Transitioning and Innovating to Well-Being Generating Economies

This is a special collaborative episode and partnership with the David Suzuki Foundation. Two of the David Suzuki Foundation’s ecological economists, Yannick Beaudoin and Michelle Molnar, join us in studio. Our conversation steps outside the realm of traditional economic thinking and challenges conventional indicators of economic prosperity. Yannick and Michelle share powerful stories and insights about the current national agenda which is fixated on converting nature into monetary value, and the transition beyond GDP to a well-being-focused national purpose. They emphasize that economic decision making is negotiable, but planetary limits are not. We also talk about creating spaces for conversations about well-being, cross-cultural truths of living a meaningful life, and potent youth and global indigenous leadership in the climate conversation.

Yannick Beaudoin is the Director General, Ontario and Northern Canada at the David Suzuki Foundation. He holds an MA in Economics for Transition, Ph.D. in Marine Geology; M.Sc. in Marine & Economic Geology, B.Sc. Geology. Yannick’s expertise is in the economics for transition to socially and ecologically sustainable societies; social innovation processes and transformational leadership; as well as marine and economic geology.

Michelle Molnar is an Environmental Economist and Policy Analyst at the David Suzuki Foundation. She holds a BA economics & philosophy, a MA public policy, and a MA philosophy. Michelle’s expertise is in ecological economics and eco-assets, policy analysis, public outreach, and natural capital.

Special thanks to Junior Producer Erin Christensen and Executive Director Vienna Vendittelli for producing this episode.

Music Credits: Desdemona by The Beaches and Hand Me Downs by the Arkells

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