The Political Economy of Plastic: A Canadian Perspective

Every minute the equivalent of a garbage truck full of plastic enters the oceans. This is a worsening crisis that has drawn calls to action from activists, policymakers, and politicians. On this episode of Beyond the Headlines, we sit down with plastic policy experts to get a better understanding of the severity of the plasticsContinue reading “The Political Economy of Plastic: A Canadian Perspective”

The Housing Crisis in Toronto: Can We Build Our Way Out?

Housing in Toronto has reached crisis levels, with rents and house prices increasing every year and showing no signs of slowing down. In today’s episode, our guests discuss the ways that the City is trying to address the issue, and what more can or should be done to bring prices down. Ash Navabi is aContinue reading “The Housing Crisis in Toronto: Can We Build Our Way Out?”

Cannabis Legalization: A Year in Review

It has been nearly a year and a half since recreational cannabis was legalized in Canada in October 2018. The government said that legalization was primarily intended to keep cannabis out of the hands of youth and to fight back against organized crime. Today on BTH, we look back at cannabis legalization – can weContinue reading “Cannabis Legalization: A Year in Review”

India’s Citizenship Amendment Act: A Threat to Inclusivity?

The Citizenship Amendment Act is a new law in India. The Act provides citizenship to minorities that have migrated to India from Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan. Notably, this excludes Muslim migrants, which has led to mass protests and questions about Indian’s religious inclusiveness. Joining us to give their insights are Professor Kanta Murali and Dr. SanjayContinue reading “India’s Citizenship Amendment Act: A Threat to Inclusivity?”

Is Post-Secondary Education Accessible in Ontario?

As university and college tuition rates in Canada increase every year, questions of affordability are becoming more pertinent. Changes to OSAP and student funding are hitting students harder than ever before, yet having an undergraduate degree (and even a master’s degree) remains the prerequisite for most well-paying jobs. On this week’s episode of Beyond theContinue reading “Is Post-Secondary Education Accessible in Ontario?”

Solitary Confinement: An in-depth discussion with Senator Kim Pate

Administrative Segregation. Special Handling Unit (SHU). The Hole. “The prison within the prison.” Though there is a wide array of names and phrases, solitary confinement has become a major human rights issue within Canada’s correctional landscape. Lawsuits in British Columbia and Ontario spurred the federal government to amend the Correction and Conditional Release Act (akaContinue reading “Solitary Confinement: An in-depth discussion with Senator Kim Pate”

Immigration Policy in Canada

In 2018, the Government of Canada released the first multi-year immigration levels plan, which sets targets for the amount of immigrants that Canada will admit from 2019 to 2021. According to Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada, the plan is designed to contribute to an immigration system that supports the middle class through economic growth, supportsContinue reading “Immigration Policy in Canada”

The Health Paradox of Immigrants in Canada

While immigrants arrive in Canada often healthier than their Canadian-born counterparts, data shows that over time and generations, immigrant health tends to decline faster than the average Canadian. Health outcomes in immigrant populations are often affected by various factors, including but not exclusive to language proficiency, ethnicity, immigrant classification, and education. To better understand thisContinue reading “The Health Paradox of Immigrants in Canada”

The Future of Ontario’s Energy Policy

In this week’s episode of Beyond the Headlines, we explore the implications of the repeal of the Green Energy Act and the future of energy policy in Ontario. Was the Green Energy Act forging a new future for Ontario’s Energy sector? Or, will the decision to repeal the act be the saving grace for Ontario’sContinue reading “The Future of Ontario’s Energy Policy”

Young Diplomats of Canada: World Bank/IMF 2019

Inclusive Economic Growth, Innovative Technologies and Open Governance The Young Diplomats of Canada (YDC) provided five Canadian youth from across the country with the opportunity to attend the World Bank/International Monetary Fund (WB/IMF) Annual Meetings in Washington DC. This podcast provides a behind the scenes look into the exciting meetings they held with stakeholders, theContinue reading “Young Diplomats of Canada: World Bank/IMF 2019”