The Sound of Your City: BTH Live Show

  For this week’s episode, we went live on the air as part of CIUT’s The Sound of the City Membership Drive. The station’s overall goal for fundraiser is $100,000. This helps pay for day to day costs, the website and social media, studio upgrades and new broadcast equipment. If you support our work andContinue reading “The Sound of Your City: BTH Live Show”

Climate Refugees and Canada’s Role as a Middle Power

Climate change is affecting more and more regions across the globe, threatening to create as many as 200 million environmental migrants by 2050. While Canada is seen as a top destination for refugee resettlement and is a signatory to the 1951 Refugee Convention, the international agreement doesn’t recognize climate threats as a reason for fleeing.Continue reading “Climate Refugees and Canada’s Role as a Middle Power”

Election Special

Today is election day. As Canadians head to the polls, we take a look at issues that don’t usually garner a lot of attention during the campaign. The first interview is with Yves Giroux, the Parliamentary Budget Officer, to discuss the work his office is doing costing the party’s platforms during the campaign. Then MelContinue reading “Election Special”

Getting Ahead of Disruption

Public Policy Forum (PPF) is a non-profit organization that offers diverse participants in the field of public policy a platform to explore and discuss policy issues. In this episode, we will be discussing two articles from PPF’s “12 Ways to Get Ahead of Disruption” series. Canada’s Infrastructure Revival: Let’s Get the Biggest Bang for OurContinue reading “Getting Ahead of Disruption”

Reaching towards The Sustainable Development Goals: A Discussion with the Young Diplomats of Canada Delegation

Today’s episode chronicles the travels of a small group of young Canadian professionals that recently traveled to Bali to be apart of Canada’s national delegation to a host of international development conferences hosted by the World Bank and International Monetary Fund. This selection of live quotes from the events from leading public policy and internationalContinue reading “Reaching towards The Sustainable Development Goals: A Discussion with the Young Diplomats of Canada Delegation”

The Weekly: The Impact of OSAP Changes on Lower-Income Students – A Conversation with Dr. Andrew Parkin

  Earlier this year, the Government of Ontario announced changes to the Ontario Student Assistance Program (OSAP). These changes include the elimination of free tuition through grants for lower-income students, a decrease in the maximum income threshold to qualify for the program,  a reduction in the percentage of grants available, the elimination of the 6-monthContinue reading “The Weekly: The Impact of OSAP Changes on Lower-Income Students – A Conversation with Dr. Andrew Parkin”

The Weekly: Equity, Inclusion & Public Policy

  This week, in collaboration with the Gender, Diversity and Public Policy Initiative, we discuss how women in politics is changing the narrative, shattering glass ceilings and paving the way for future generations of female leadership in North America, with guest Gabrielle Gallant.   Credits: Kaidie Williams, producer & host Aneet Gill, producer & host EmmaContinue reading “The Weekly: Equity, Inclusion & Public Policy”

Urban Resilience

We are currently living in a time of unprecedented urbanization that is transforming the planet and the way we live. Being resilience means to be ahead, think ahead — Chrystelle Maechler With a greater concentration of people and assets in urban cities, the impact of natural disasters and a changing climate can be devastating. UrbanContinue reading “Urban Resilience”

POLICY, POLITICS & MEDIA: The Intersection of Government Action & Public Opinion

  TAKE LOOK AT THE DISCUSSION HIGHLIGHTS HERE:   BTH Panel Discussion eBook   Beyond the Headlines hosted a panel discussion on the evening of March 13 to explore the intersection of government action and public opinion. The game part of politics – who’s wining, who’s losing – is indispensable tool in political life. ButContinue reading “POLICY, POLITICS & MEDIA: The Intersection of Government Action & Public Opinion”

The Opioid Crisis

On today’s show we will be discussing some potential policy responses to combat the ongoing opioid crisis. As strategies to tackle the opioid crisis have been a focal point of all levels of government, various stakeholders have proposed taking a public health response to address the ongoing national epidemic. In the first half of 2018,Continue reading “The Opioid Crisis”