Syria – Geopolitics and the Politics of Intervention

What began as peaceful protests in Syria against President Bashar Al-Assad has since descended into civil war.  What is happening on the ground in Syria right now?  What has been the international humanitarian and diplomatic response? Guests: Sven Spengemann, Visiting Professor, Glendon School of Public and International Affairs, and formerly United Nations Assistance Mission for Iraq. FaisalContinue reading “Syria – Geopolitics and the Politics of Intervention”

Gambling Policy in Ontario

Our daily news headlines in the Toronto area are marked by discussions about a potential casino being constructed in the downtown core.  But what are the associated challenges, risks, and opportunities for a new casino in the Greater Toronto Area? Guests: Tony Bitonti, Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation. Nina Littman-Sharp, Director, Problem Gambling Service, Centre forContinue reading “Gambling Policy in Ontario”

Toronto’s Condo Boom and Vertical Population

We have seen a condominium boom in the Greater Toronto Area.  What are the opportunities and challenges that it presents our city and our region? Guests: Honourable Margarett Best, Ontario Minister of Consumer Services. Michael Shapcott, Director of Housing and Innovation, Wellesley Institute. Jennifer Keesmaat, Chief Planner and Executive Director, City Planning Department, City of Toronto. PhotoContinue reading “Toronto’s Condo Boom and Vertical Population”

Climate Change in the Arctic and Managing Carbon Emissions

What are your impressions on the environment?  We gather thoughts from a Norwegian polar explorer who was the first to sail the Arctic in one season and from a cap and trade expert on practical measures to control emissions. Guests: Thorleif Thorleifsson, Norwegian Polar Explorer Jeff Rambharack, PhD Candidate, Simon Fraser University, School of Resource and EnvironmentalContinue reading “Climate Change in the Arctic and Managing Carbon Emissions”