Net Neutrality in the Canadian Context

On Thursday, December 14th 2017 the United States Federal Communications Commission voted to repeal Net Neutrality regulations originally implemented by the Obama administration. What is the importance of Net Neutrality in the Canadian context? What is the broader issue at play here? And how do we uphold the affordability and openness of the internet, while […]

2018 Ford+SPPG Conference: What the Tech? Unpacking the Challenges and Opportunities of Disruptive Technologies

The Ford+SPPG Conference is a collaborative student-led case competition held between the University of Toronto’s School of Public Policy and Governance, and the University of Michigan’s Gerald R. Ford School of Public Policy. Both schools meet for a full-day case competition to pitch a policy proposal about a looming issue affecting both Canada and the […]

BTH Insight Series Ep. 4: The Rohingya Crisis and Immigration Policy in Western Liberal Democracies

This is the fourth episode of the BTH Insight Series, where we examine various policy topics within the hour. Topics discussed include the Rohingya crisis with Jonah Kotzer interviewing former Ontario premier Bob Rae, and Tony Yin on immigration policy with University of Toronto Associate Professor Phil Triadafilopoulos. The Rohingya Crisis in Myanmar Bob Rae was the […]

A Story to Tell: Communications at the Center

The creation of public policy is more than fleshing out content within a policy but also about how it is distributed and understood by the public. Communication can emphasize or inform how the public perceives policy initiatives as well as informing the overall identity of an organization or government. Beyond informing the public about policies, […]

SPPG Student Events: LGBTQ+ Leadership and Affordable Rental Housing

Beyond the Headlines is produced through the School of Public Policy and Governance (SPPG)  which allows us to engage deeply with policy professionals through panels, case competitions, and special guest talks. This episode goes in depth to explore the SPPG events and the insights from our distinguished guests. Today we will hear from George Smitherman, […]

The Economic Impact of Brexit

In June of 2016, nearly 47 million UK citizens voted in a nationwide referendum to leave the European Union. With a 52% majority vote, the UK opted to be the first Member to leave the world’s largest and only political and economic union, and subsequently restore sovereignty. Prime Minister David Cameron, resigned shortly thereafter. The […]

Comparing Global Welfare Politics

On this episode of BTH we will be comparing social welfare policy between a few select Latin American countries to that of the North American model, specifically Canada. We will look at how their alternative welfare distribution methods relate to the broader discussion of reducing poverty, domestic politics, reducing regional disparity within indigenous communities, and […]

Beyond the Budget: Examining Canadian Fiscal Policy

A central role of government revolves around the allocation of resources. This includes  raising or lowering taxes, deciding which programs to allocate funding to and determining how much of the fiscal pie to give to each program. The nuances of fiscal policy often get lost in the fray.  How can governments ensure that programs Canadians […]

The Economics of Marijuana Legalization

Since entering office in 2015, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has successfully followed through on many of his campaign promises. He made gender identity a prohibited ground of discrimination under the Canadian Human Rights Act, he rolled out a universal child care benefit to better support the needs of Canadian families, he put a price on […]

Behavioural Economics and Public Policy

The assumption within the standard or mainstream economics, that individuals act to maximize their long-term best interest, have stable preferences, and are consistent rational actors has served as a useful benchmark for predicting behavior. This model of human behavior has influenced the design of public policy.  Yet, these traditional economic incentives sometimes prove ineffective. The […]