Albert’s Oil, Ontario’s Gain?

The grand scale of development in the oil sands has come to rival the major public works of recent history.  Its economic linkages are far-reaching across all of Canada, including Ontario, with experts seeing a positive investment outlook for the foreseeable future.  We take a look at the economic, regulatory, and industry viewpoints that futureContinue reading “Albert’s Oil, Ontario’s Gain?”

Social Enterprise

In an age of fiscal constraint and public cutbacks, social enterprise organizations have quickly become key in providing important services through innovating collaborative partnerships with government, the private sector, and charities. However, it’s hard to define the concept of social enterprise and what it is capable of doing – and unable to do. Beyond theContinue reading “Social Enterprise”

On the Brink: the Democratic Republic of the Congo

Beyond the Headlines looks at Africa’s second largest country, the troubled Democratic Republic of the Congo. In 2013 the country is still locked in conflict with the insurgent M23 Movement. Recurring civil strife over the past half-centry has killed 5,000,000 Congolese and forced 2,000,000 to flee from their homes. Today 500,000 Congolese live outside theirContinue reading “On the Brink: the Democratic Republic of the Congo”

Age Policy and the Politics of Age

Beyond the Headlines looks at the thorny issues of age policy and the politics of age in Canada. We examine the changing roles that the state plays in our lives as we age, the relevancy of age thresholds to Canadians, and how Canada compares to other countries when it comes to looking after children andContinue reading “Age Policy and the Politics of Age”

Three Views on Violence in Hockey

Beyond the Headlines examines the abiding presence of hockey in Canada’s national life and the controversial topic of violence in the game. We ask where fans and players should draw the line between aggressive play and violence and look at the cultural and health consequences of hockey violence . Guests: From the Sociologist: Dr. JimContinue reading “Three Views on Violence in Hockey”

Future Trends to Watch For and Past Policy Lessons

Beyond the Headlines peers into the future to identify the trends that will shape policymaking in 2013 and afterwards. We also look backwards to learn from past lessons in responding to the unexpected. Guests: Dr. Matthew Burrows, National Intelligence Council  Thomas Malnight, IMD Business School Mel Cappe, School of Public Policy and Governance at the University ofContinue reading “Future Trends to Watch For and Past Policy Lessons”

Questions and Debates about Canadian Democracy

What is the state of our democracy?  How do our voices get heard and represented?  We look at current questions in Canadian democracy. Guests: Alison Loat, Executive Director, Samara Canada. Matthew Mendelsohn, Director, Mowat Centre. Wayne Smith, Executive Director, Fair Vote Canada. Photo credit: vasta / Foter / CC BY-NC-SA

Disability and Questions about Care and Support

Are we doing the right things for people with disabilities and their caregivers?  What else might we do?  Beyond the Headlines takes a look at the realities facing those in need and the supports available to them. Guests: Marg Spoelstra, Executive Director, Autism Ontario.   Alexandra Kuperman, Teenage Caregiving in Canada and 2012-2013 Action Canada Fellow.   Tracey Morley, ExecutiveContinue reading “Disability and Questions about Care and Support”

Infrastructure and Public-Private Partnerships

Our highways, healthcare facilities, and water systems are the foundation of our society, yet the Federation of Canadian Municipalities says delayed repairs and construction of infrastructure now top $120 billion.  In a time of fiscal restraint, what do public-private partnerships have to offer? Guests: Matti Siemiatycki, Assistant Professor, Geography and Planning, U of T. SPECIAL SEGMENT — ReportContinue reading “Infrastructure and Public-Private Partnerships”

Innovation, Technology, and Science

There’s a premium on new ideas given Ontario’s now tepid annual growth rate of 2%, give or take.  Why does innovation matter?  What recent significant changes have we seen in technology?  Who is on the frontier of scientific discovery? Guests: Glen Hodgson, Chief Economist, The Conference Board of Canada. Iain Marlow, Technology Reporter, The Globe and Mail.  SPECIALContinue reading “Innovation, Technology, and Science”