Canada’s Arts and Culture Policy Landscape

We hear our civic leaders and researchers discussing the “creative economy”, but who is part of it? Guests: Alain Pineau, National Director, Canadian Conference for the Arts.  Chris Waddell, Director, Carleton School of Journalism.  Derrick Fung, CEO, Tunezy.  Photo credit: César Augusto Serna Sz / Foter / CC BY-NC-ND

Multiculturalism and Diversity

Canada is often touted as being a leader in multiculturalism policy and diversity management.  What does multiculturalism policy really mean and entail?  How well are we managing diversity? Guests: Professor Keith Banting, Queen’s University.  Ritu Bhasin, Diversity Strategist.  Saeed Selvam, Community Activist. Photo credit: Shaun Merritt

City Building and Place Making

How do governments, civil society, and regional planning bodies work together to make a city-region prosperous and sustainable?  Beyond the Headlines explores the ingredients for the creation of a world-class city. Guests: Mitzie Hunter, CEO, Greater Toronto CivicAction Alliance Richard Joy, VP, Toronto Board of Trade Andre Sorensen, Urban Geographer Photo credit: bennylin0724 / Foter / CC BY-NC

Canadian International Trade – Global Choices and the Trans-Pacific Partnership

There is a gravity shift of the world economic order underway.  In 2010, China became the world’s second largest economy after the United States.  By 2030 it is estimated that the Chinese and Indian economies combined will be nearly twice the size of the American economy.  But is Canada poised to take advantage of thisContinue reading “Canadian International Trade – Global Choices and the Trans-Pacific Partnership”

Post-Secondary Education Reform in Ontario

Ontario universities have taken in a remarkable 100,000-plus new students in the last decade and have expanded their research portfolios.  However a number of university presidents, past and current, have noted considerable concern over the quality of undergraduate education.  Why and how is quality deteriorating? Guests: Ian Clark, Professor, School of Public Policy and Governance HonourableContinue reading “Post-Secondary Education Reform in Ontario”

Upcoming shows

NEXT SHOW: Violence Against Women – An International Story Recent events in locations as geographically distinct in Steubenville, Ohio and New Delhi, India indicate that gender-based violence against women needs to be addressed and discussed across the globe. Using an international lens, Beyond the Headlines interrogates the prevalence of rape in Kenya, South Africa, and India,Continue reading “Upcoming shows”

Funding Sport in a time of Fiscal Austerity

As governments in Canada seek ways to cut costs yet maintain the quality of public services, where does sport policy come in?  Peter Donnelly, Director of the Centre for Sport Policy Studies, speaks about the funding of mega-sporting events.  Also, Professor Robert VanWynsberghe brings insights from the Vancouver 2012 Olympics as lead on the OlympicContinue reading “Funding Sport in a time of Fiscal Austerity”