Executive Directors1


1Dimitri Treheles


Dimitri Treheles finished his Undergraduate Degree at the University of Guelph, completing a double honours major in Criminal Justice and Public Policy. He has recorded and worked on a list of demo radio shows at the University of Guelph’s on campus radio show CFRU 93.3 where he discussed politics and new music, amongst other things. Dimitri has worked at the Office of the Children’s Lawyer – an Agency of the Ministry of the Attorney General- for the past two summers in-between semesters at Guelph, and has acquired a passion for advocating for social and children’s welfare as a result. On his own time, Dimitri plays in a few bands, record some others as well, record podcasts with friends and enjoys cooking!

Policy interests: Social and child welfare policy in Canada, and looking to the South American model of policy formulation and implementation for inspiration! 


12Nuri Kim


Nuri Kim holds Bachelor of Arts in International Relations and Masters of Arts in Sociology from University of Toronto, St. George. She has experiences working in the not-for-profit and government sectors. She enrolled at the Munk School of Global Affairs and Public Policy to pursue her interests in economic & institutional development, equity, and policy innovation. In her spare time, she enjoys venturing and travelling to new places, and devoted to finding good coffee around the city.


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