POLICY, POLITICS & MEDIA: The Intersection of Government Action & Public Opinion

TAKE LOOK AT THE DISCUSSION HIGHLIGHTS HERE: BTH Panel Discussion eBook Beyond the Headlines hosted a panel discussion on the evening of March 13 to explore the intersection of government action and public opinion. The game part of politics – who’s wining, who’s losing – is indispensable tool in political life. But I would sayContinue reading “POLICY, POLITICS & MEDIA: The Intersection of Government Action & Public Opinion”

Election 42: Postmortem Panel Discussion

Most pundits, pollsters, and political junkies agree: 19 October’s federal election is perhaps one of the most exciting electoral contests that Canada’s ever seen. Can Stephen Harper and the Conservative Party maintain control of the House of Commons after nearly a decade in power? Will Thomas Mulcair and his New Democrats make Canadian history andContinue reading “Election 42: Postmortem Panel Discussion”