The Economics of Marijuana Legalization

Since entering office in 2015, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has successfully followed through on many of his campaign promises. He made gender identity a prohibited ground of discrimination under the Canadian Human Rights Act, he rolled out a universal child care benefit to better support the needs of Canadian families, he put a price onContinue reading “The Economics of Marijuana Legalization”

Ontario Elections 2014

We try to separate Ontario’s reality from political fiction in the midst of the 2014 Ontario General Election. Experts offer their analysis on two of the biggest challenges facing Ontario: jobs and transit. On Thursday, June 12, 2014, go out and vote!

Ontario Elections 2014

It is election season in Ontario. So far, the campaign period has been full of plans, programs, claims, and counter-claims. This week, we try to separate reality from political fiction on two of the most widely reported issues: is there a jobs crisis in Ontario? is there a credible plan for transit? This is a special Ontario election episode. OurContinue reading “Ontario Elections 2014”

Albert’s Oil, Ontario’s Gain?

The grand scale of development in the oil sands has come to rival the major public works of recent history.  Its economic linkages are far-reaching across all of Canada, including Ontario, with experts seeing a positive investment outlook for the foreseeable future.  We take a look at the economic, regulatory, and industry viewpoints that futureContinue reading “Albert’s Oil, Ontario’s Gain?”