SPPG Student Events: LGBTQ+ Leadership and Affordable Rental Housing

Beyond the Headlines is produced through the School of Public Policy and Governance (SPPG)  which allows us to engage deeply with policy professionals through panels, case competitions, and special guest talks. This episode goes in depth to explore the SPPG events and the insights from our distinguished guests. Today we will hear from George Smitherman, […]

BTH Insight Series Ep. 1: City Hall Reform & Health Innovation

  This week’s show is the first episode of the Insight Series, a new BTH series where we discuss seveal different policy areas within the hour. 1) Health Innovation Follow-up: In the first episode of the season, BTH examined how innovation can help to improve supply management of hospitals and Canada’s health system. Medical error […]

The Politics of Funding Municipal Public Transportation

Municipalities in Canada are charged with building, owning, and maintaining the majority of the infrastructure that supports the Canadian economy and quality of life. Despite the immediacy of municipal responsibilities to the welfare of Canadians, the term ‘local government’ never appears in Canada’s 1867 Constitution Act. Effectively, municipalities in Canada are “constitutional orphans” with no […]