The 411 on USMCA: What You Didn’t Think About

  Since 1994 Canada, U.S. and Mexico have been economically tied through the North American Free Trade Agreement, harmonizing and liberalizing cross-border trade flows in a variety of exports and labour movements. That was until the election of Donald Trump, who called NAFTA the “worst trade agreement in history” and resolved to renegotiate the termsContinue reading “The 411 on USMCA: What You Didn’t Think About”

NAFTA in the Digital Era

  The election of Donald Trump has brought renegotiation of the North American Free Trade Agreement to the forefront of Canada’s trade priorities. Discussions have ranged from our agricultural supply regimes to tariffs, but one potentially transformative aspect relates to digital rights. NAFTA, which came into force in January of 1994, was the first internationalContinue reading “NAFTA in the Digital Era”