Rethinking Development Policies at Home and Abroad

Over the past 20 years, 1.2 billion people worldwide have left extreme poverty. While we celebrate this achievement, it is expected that over 500 million people will still be living in extreme poverty in 2030, with wealth inequality remaining a significant factor in this issue across the globe. Our guests today will be speaking withContinue reading “Rethinking Development Policies at Home and Abroad”

POLICY, POLITICS & MEDIA: The Intersection of Government Action & Public Opinion

TAKE LOOK AT THE DISCUSSION HIGHLIGHTS HERE: BTH Panel Discussion eBook Beyond the Headlines hosted a panel discussion on the evening of March 13 to explore the intersection of government action and public opinion. The game part of politics – who’s wining, who’s losing – is indispensable tool in political life. But I would sayContinue reading “POLICY, POLITICS & MEDIA: The Intersection of Government Action & Public Opinion”

Inuit Reconciliation and Self-Governance

  The Government of Canada’s recent announcement of an Inuit-Crown Partnership Committee has reaffirmed the unique political predicament the Inuit peoples of Canada face. It is paramount that the reconciliatory endeavors of the Canadian government recognize and are sensitive to that uniqueness. As well as contending with a host of issues felt broadly by theContinue reading “Inuit Reconciliation and Self-Governance”

Beer Policy – Part II “Supply”

This week’s episode is concludes our two-part series on policies that affect the entire supply chain and demand for beer. The LCBO reported that the sales of Ontario craft beer have risen by 575% in the last eight year. It is of no surprise that this growth has caught the attention of big multinational beer corporations,Continue reading “Beer Policy – Part II “Supply””

Beer Policy – Part I “Demand”

Summer is finally here! To help celebrate the warm summer months, we’ve gathered industry experts to discuss a beverage enjoyed by many Canadians – beer! In Part I of our two-part series, we focus on policies and regulations that impact the demand for craft beer in Ontario.