Beer Policy – Part I “Demand”

Summer is finally here! To help celebrate the warm summer months, we’ve gathered industry experts to discuss a beverage enjoyed by many Canadians – beer! In Part I of our two-part series, we focus on policies and regulations that impact the demand for craft beer in Ontario. What policies, regulation, or market forces influence what is available forContinue reading “Beer Policy – Part I “Demand””

Ontario Elections 2014

We try to separate Ontario’s reality from political fiction in the midst of the 2014 Ontario General Election. Experts offer their analysis on two of the biggest challenges facing Ontario: jobs and transit. On Thursday, June 12, 2014, go out and vote!

Ontario Elections 2014

It is election season in Ontario. So far, the campaign period has been full of plans, programs, claims, and counter-claims. This week, we try to separate reality from political fiction on two of the most widely reported issues: is there a jobs crisis in Ontario? is there a credible plan for transit? This is a special Ontario election episode. OurContinue reading “Ontario Elections 2014”

Copyright Modernization

We are seeing a cultural shift in the way Canadians create, engage with, and consume music. Is the Copyright Modernization Act responding to technology that allows us to remix, mash-up and sample music and media?

Copyright Modernization

Remixes, mash-ups, and sampling have revolutionized the way public consumes music and media in the 1990s and early 2000s. Policymakers just started to navigate this uncharted territory. How has the Canadian Copyright Modernization Act recognized these cultural shifts? Is it enough? This week’s expert guests are: Jeremy de Beer – lawyer, consultant, and Associate Professor atContinue reading “Copyright Modernization”

Age Policy and the Politics of Age

Beyond the Headlines looks at the thorny issues of age policy and the politics of age in Canada. We examine the changing roles that the state plays in our lives as we age, the relevancy of age thresholds to Canadians, and how Canada compares to other countries when it comes to looking after children andContinue reading “Age Policy and the Politics of Age”

Three Views on Violence in Hockey

Beyond the Headlines examines the abiding presence of hockey in Canada’s national life and the controversial topic of violence in the game. We ask where fans and players should draw the line between aggressive play and violence and look at the cultural and health consequences of hockey violence . Guests: From the Sociologist: Dr. JimContinue reading “Three Views on Violence in Hockey”

Future Trends to Watch For and Past Policy Lessons

Beyond the Headlines peers into the future to identify the trends that will shape policymaking in 2013 and afterwards. We also look backwards to learn from past lessons in responding to the unexpected. Guests: Dr. Matthew Burrows, National Intelligence Council  Thomas Malnight, IMD Business School Mel Cappe, School of Public Policy and Governance at the University ofContinue reading “Future Trends to Watch For and Past Policy Lessons”